Travel 2 continents in one hour: Only possible in Istanbul!

One of the most asked questions about Istanbul in general is, what continent is it really in? Due to the city’s geographical location, Istanbul is divided into Asian or Anatolian sides and European or Avrupa sides due to the Bosphorus Strait going right through it. Being an economic, cultural, and historical center, Istanbul has attracted many people throughout its history. It is a bridge between Asia and Europe, which makes it possible to have breakfast on one continent while lunch on the other. Imagine being in two places at once! It might sound impossible, but Istanbul makes it possible!

As a traveler or a new person in the city, it is often very exciting to reach either continent within an hour as there are various transportations that can be taken to travel to either side. “Marmaray” train is a 76.6 km long rail line that runs under the Bosphorous strait all the way from Halkalı on the European side of Istanbul to Gebze on the Asian side. However, you can also take the “Metrobus” or the ferries to reach the other side, depending on what transportation suits you the best and is the nearest to you. It’s also not uncommon to see people commuting to the Asian or the European side every day because of their work, school, or business.

Istanbul was built in 657 B.C and was formerly known as Constantinople as it was the capital of the Byzantine Empire from 330-1453 A.D and the Ottoman Empire from 1285 to 1923 A.D. Throughout the years, it has been home to significant civilizations. Currently, 65 percent of its citizens live on the European side of Istanbul, while others live on the Asian side. You can easily plan out a day to travel important sights of both sides of the city while also having a nice Bosphorous trip.

“If the whole world were one country, then Istanbul would be its capital.” This is what Napoleon Bonaparte said about Istanbul, which might be the best phrase when we want to describe Istanbul as it almost has everything we can imagine.

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