Reasons to contact us

If you are one of those students looking to study abroad, you must be special as you strive to think outside of the box, have high ambitions, love adventure, and experimentation, want to develop yourself, and have the ambition to make your dreams come true!

Because we as international students like you have been in Türkiye for 11 years, we have gone through all the difficulties you will go through in the beginning, mistakes, and suffering, so we will be by your side to offer you our high experience in this field so that all your steps are easy, organized, thoughtful, and free from difficulties.

Parents are one of the biggest supporters of students and they always have concerns and worries about their children’s travel to a new country, and we know that they may cost everything they have for their children’s university future, and therefore we are keen to take the students’ hand from their arrival at the airport until they sit in the study, though all the stages that they will get through it with us.

We do not consider the people who work at UNIYOL as employees. On the contrary, we are one organized family that enjoys serving the student and accompanying them in all stages of their university admission and residence in Türkiye. We have a spirit of cooperation and giving, and we very enthusiastic to hear your evaluation of us after your service.

We always strive to innovate quick solutions and use our experience in Türkiye to address all the problems encountered by a student. Our service to more than 2500 students has made us experts in everything the students will face.