So much to see so little time! Türkiye is full of interesting and unusual locations!

Türkiye is a country with unique geographical locations. The country is very picturesque, with places you cannot find anywhere else. With stunning scenery and rich history where you can feel the mixture of modern and old culture with beautiful coastlines, beaches, and food. Let’s see some unusual places you can visit in the country!



1. Gates to Hell (Pamukkale)

Pamukkale means a “cotton castle” in Turkish. It is a unique location that is known for its natural attraction to natural hot springs that contain large amounts of calcium. In Pamukkale, there is a “Gates to hell” which was

discovered near the modern-day city and is the famous “Plutonium”, named after Pluto, the Roman God of the underworld. The area where the gate is known to have significant levels of carbon dioxide (35%) emitting from the ground, especially at night and in the early morning. 



2. Mount Nemrut (Adiyaman)

There are huge statues on the top of the East Taurus Mountains which the archaeologists believe were once sacred sites. However, once the Romans conquered the kingdom, the place and the statues were abandoned and were left to their fate under the weather. Now, you can visit the UNESCO World Heritage sites and see the sunset or sunrise from the top of the mountain. 



3. Cappadocia

It is a historical place where homes and churches are carved into volcanic rock formations. These rock formations were created by erosion, wind, and volcanic eruptions. These rocks, with wind and time, have created some unique forms. It is one of the most important tourist centers in the country, where the hot air balloons also attract tourists from all over the world. 



4. Basilica Cistern (Istanbul)

One of the historical places of Türkiye known as the Basilica Cistern is located near Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. This is a large underground cistern built by a Byzantine Emperor. It is called the “Yerebatan Palace” as the marble columns are used to rise from the water. A legend concerning “Medusa”, a female monster of the underworld in Greek mythology, is connected to the place. Inside the cistern, you can see the large structure of Carnica Medusa placed which can be visited by tourists. 



What places do you find unusual, yet interesting in Turkey?

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