Do you know you can eat chicken as a dessert in Türkiye?!

Yes, that is right. You can definitely eat a dessert with chicken in it, and it is known as “Tavuk Goğüsü”. It is very difficult to wrap your head around a dessert like this since the concept of chicken and dessert is strange, however, it is a well-known recipe of the Ottoman era. Prepared with boiled chicken strips, it is a delicious dish that was also eaten this way by Fatih Mehmet, who conquered Constantinople at that time. 



Every country has its fair share of amazing food, and some might even seem bizarre to some cultures. While some dishes may sound weird but taste good, others are even harder to stomach, even for the locals! Let’s check them out below. 



1. Kokorec:

Sandwiches with lamb intestines that are thoroughly cleaned beforehand. The intestines are heavily spiced with chili, cumin, salt, and pepper and are a signature dish to eat on a night out drinking or as a hangover cure the next day. The trick is to eat from a well-known and trusted place where the locals often go to. It is something that should be tried at least once in your life!



2. Islak Burger:

Islak Burger (Wet burger) is famous in the Taksim area and is often consumed at night. It is a slider-sized burger consisting of a beef patty on a soft bun, completely doused in garlicky, tomato sauce. The burgers are steamed inside a box until served. It is a must-try if you are in the area!



3. Çığ Kofte

These are “Raw Meatballs” that have been in Turkish cuisine for more than 3 thousand years. It is an ancient food with origins in the Mesopotamian region. It is usually not composed of raw meat since it was banned due to health concerns. It is now made up of Bulgur, onion, tomato paste, red pepper, mint, olive oil, and other spices. 




4. Işkembe Çorbası

This is basically a soup made up of the cleaned stomach lining of a cow or sheep. It consists of tripe (stomach linings), water, milk, butter, flour, and egg yolks. It is known to be one of the dishes people try when they are out late at night.




5. Hamsikoli

These are mainly Turkish anchovies known as “Hamsi” and are very popular in the Black Sea regions of the country. They use it in a lot of dishes, even in a “Hamsi” dessert made up of various fruits and sugary syrup. 


What “strange” Turkish dish have you tried and did you like it?

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